Swing Crew Lake Petite Sandbar Party

Lake Petite Sandbar, Fox Lake, IL

July 16, 2005

Thanks again to Bob Gelb (www.bobgelb.com) for taking the great pictures again for us.  Bob is truly a professional when it comes to photography and it's a shame we can only post some of the pictures on the site because they were all great.

Also thanks to the Lee Hogan (Aerial Shots by Lee  - HOGNFLY@aol.com - 847-902-3140) who took the aerial shots for us and to Chris Smith for passing them along my direction.

Bigger and I think better than ever!  This year if you weren't there by 9 a.m. you were out of luck.  Rumor is that there are 430 plus boat in the aerial shots and I think these were taken early on in the party.  All I know is it was packed.

The Lake County Police had requested that the Fox Waterways Agency install a temporary No Anchor Safety Channel in case they needed to get in.  I think this was a great idea and helped us out tremendously in getting the band in and out.  Our Grand Marshall of Parking (Captain Al) drank a bit too much at Wokini's on Friday and never made it to the Sandbar that night so it was a bit of a mess and we were only able to get 4 of our 8 boats in ourselves but from the photos it looks pretty well organized.

The Swing Crew was just awesome as usual.  It must have been in the mid 90's and hardly a cloud in the sky but they played like the pros they are.  The jokes still suck though (I'm sure it's by design).  After 25 years you would think they could come up with at least one good one.  Thanks once again and a double thanks for playing at Wokini's on Friday night.  I think Chris would have stayed the rest of the weekend if the band didn't need him to play in the Dells.

The Fun On The Fox crowd (www.funonthefox.com) was there and helped out also.  Fran and the girls helped the band with a couple songs as usual, Tamara had a couple new friends to show off although we did spot her napping at Captains by the time we got there.  Allison and Julia helped get the crowd started and gave the band their needed view to start the show.  Dave and Allison once again kicked our rear in the chicken fight.

I forgot the net and ball for the Margarita Volleyball so that is going to have to happen on another weekend I guess as I know have a few bottles of mix and tequila taking up space on the boat.  I did see plenty of people upside down doing keg stands though.

Pasties are now required.  The police were out and were willing to ticket anyone doing anything illegal.  Luckily the band supplied me with an endless supply of official Swing Crew Pasties to make sure no girls were arrested.  It's a tough job but someone has to help enforce the law.  Note to the band.  The 25th anniversary ones were great.  I don't think one set stayed on forcing me to have to install a second set of the old trustworthy yellow Swing Crew Stickers.

Captain Kevin did a great job handling the Pink Flamingo so for once I could enjoy the day without having to worry about staying sober.  Now Famous Freddie's might be a bit mad at me for stealing their boat's Captain but that's life.  Jim handled security this year for us with explicit instructions that only our crew that came out could board the Flamingo during the party.  That is unless they were female, good looking, and willing to do a song with the band.

Don and Suzie which we met after last years party provided lunch for me.  We make Jell-O shots, they make Jell-O meals.  They were the biggest Jell-O shots I have ever seen and really hit the spot.

Overall for me it was one of the best ones of the last few years.  The addition of the safety channels and the presence of the police really helped keep everything under control and it's good to know that we can all work together to allow so many people to gather and have a good time.  I'll post pics if anyone sends them over to me.

Thanks to all and see you next year.


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