Swing Crew Lake Petite Sandbar Party

Lake Petite Sandbar, Fox Lake, IL

July 17, 2004


It's officially out of control!  Girls Gone Wild made a big mistake by not staying over after the Buffet concert to catch our little party.  What started out as a brain fart with a couple pontoon boats in central Wisconsin has turned into an all out bash in Illinois.  This year we even had an airplane fly over to take pictures of it.  If you didn't show up by 10:00 you just didn't make it on the sandbar and had to swim in.  We tried to tell you Johnny Mo.  Next year you'll know.

Bonus Notes:
It appears that beads are really no longer needed.  All you need is the other Captain Rod on the megaphone and the girls listen to him like he's a god talking from the heavens.

Pasties were the in (and legal) thing.  It's the next best invention in the world to my gas-powered blender.

And there really is a god up there looking out for us.  After an extremely rough night on Friday I decided that drinking was just not in my cards for the party.  Luckily because the Pink Flamingo lost it's designated Captain and sure enough the cops decided to stop us after the party.  But I passed with flying colors and the best they could get us for was what they called expired fire extinguishers.  Now personally the arrow was in the green and just because they were from 1972 and 1976 to me doesn't mean that they are no good.  So that debating class paid off and they let us off the hook for that one also.

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