July 26th, 2008 - It's Official!

That's right, even though I've retired the group from the FunOnTheFox website is taking over the party.  The Swing Crew will once again be performing on top of the Pink Flamingo but I'll be assuming an advisory role so I can enjoy the party for once.  Check out

July 21st, 2007, 128 boats camping overnight, 1070 boats by mid afternoon, sunshine, great music by The Swing Crew, great friends, and even a floating sand volleyball court!  That's right, regulation size, 80,000 lbs of sand, all floating on top of the water!  Man what a party! 


Here is how it all started acoustically, midnight show, 1992 on Lake Redstone


My Official Resignation in 2007 after 15 years

I first want to thank all who both attended and who helped out with throwing the party over the last 15 years and itís been a great run. I canít thank The Swing Crew enough for playing all 15 years of it. Itís been a great 15 years, no deaths, no major incidents (well maybe the port-a-potty going over was major), and not a single rain date. I donít know of a single party that has that kind of record.

With a floating sand volleyball court, 1000 boats, and only 6 incidents the police responded to, I canít think of a better way to go out. All great athletes hope they go out at the top of their game and I feel this time is now for me.

So that said itís time for me to step down. I say every year that Iím never throwing it again and about December usually cave into pressure but this time it is final.  I will be weighing the options as to what we can do to continue the party in the future but I can no longer be held personally responsible for the party but I will gladly consult and pass on my knowledge to whoever I choose to take it over.  Click here to read my official resignation letter.


History of the Parties

Click here for my long winded history of the party.


Daily Herald Newspaper Article from 2006

Those of you who know me know that I try to stay out of the spotlight and below the radar as much as I can.  But Lee Filas from the Daily Herald had hounded me to do a story on the party and I finally caved in.  I think he did it just so he would be allowed to hang out on the Pink Flamingo for the party but honestly Lee does a great job covering the Chain of Lakes area for the newspaper.  And it sure beats the last time my name was in the paper for underage drinking.  Thanks again for the article Lee and click here to read the whole story.


HeartLand Boating Magazine Article from 2009

A fun group of us attended the Houseboat Show in Kentucky sporting our Chain Crawl attire and happened to start talking with a gentleman about it and it morphed into talking about the boat party also.  I due believe this was Dru's fault if memory serves me correctly. Turns out the gentleman was an author for HeartLand Boating Magazine and was so impressed with our work to make it a safe party and use of the garbage boats that he decided to write an article on it.  Click here to read the Heartland Boating Article.



This page is dedicated to one of the greatest parties on the Chain-Of-Lakes in Northern Illinois.  A special thanks to the wonderful band The Swing Crew (www.swingcrew.com) from Wisconsin Dells for allowing us the opportunity for them to perform at this party.  And to Rodney for having the brain fart that started all of this.

Like past years the start time should be sometime between 12:00 and 2:00.  Nothing is guaranteed since the Pink Flamingo doesn't move fast and neither do we after the night of pre-partying.  I'm not for sure yet but since the band is playing at Captain's Quarters Saturday Night I'm guessing if we do have rain we will just move the party there during the day also. 

For those of you who have made it to this party in the past you know how much fun it is.  Nothing like watching the Swing Crew while in the water on a nice sunny day.  Of coarse having chicks in bikinis (or not) and a Margarita from the gas-powered blender also helps out.  And if your not worried about a few hours of memory loss you might want to try Amber's Rum Dumb.  Just makes sure you don't start drinking them too early or you may miss the entire party (Shorty?).  Best of all there are no bathroom lines to slow your drinking down.

Click here for my long winded history of the party.


Basic Party Rules

1.) 21 and over please.  Some people get a bit crazy and it's not a good weekend for the kids at the sandbar.  The police will likely have officers mixing in with the crowd looking for underage drinkers.

2.) NO GLASS!  I can't stress this enough and I will personally kick anyone out of the party that I see with a glass bottle in the water.  I'll also personally tell you that you are an IDIOT for having glass where people are walking around with their bare feet.  I know 3 people who cut their feet in two weekends.  No matter how careful you may think you are you are risking everyone's safety and the future of the sandbar.

3.) NO MOVING THE BUOYS OR PLACING BOATS BETWEEN THEM!  The Lake County Marine Unit and FWA will be installing No Anchor Buoys to provide safety channels in case of emergency on Friday.  There will be one channel running from the main lake to shore and another one teeing off that and running through the center of the party.  Once these are placed we still need to allow 3 or 4 boat widths inside of them to not park boats in case the entire line of boats shifts some.  If the buoys are moved at all the party will be shut down.  If boats are inside of the buoys they will be both ticketed and towed and the party likely stopped until the lanes are cleared.

3.) Pick up your own trash and everyone else's.  If the trash problems of past years persist the party will never happen again.  If you feel something on the bottom pick it up even if it isn't yours and place it in one of the garbage bags on the back of the boats or in the trash boats we will have out there.  If you're too lazy to walk over and throw your own garbage away when you are done with a beer then please don't bother coming to my party.

4.) No plastic Jell-O shots which just cause more trash.  In the past there were plenty of Jell-O shots thrown out and some ended up on the bottom of the lake.  Please make your Jell-O shots and in a pan and cut them into Jell-O squares which if they do get dropped will just end up melting away and not contribute to the trash problem.


More Info on the No Glass

Jewel in Fox Lake was supposed to start getting in things like Mike's Hard Lemonade and stuff in plastic bottles.

The other thing is to get a mug and just pour it in there and leave the bottles on the boat. If you take a ziplock bag and put ice in it (get as much air out as possible) and get one of those really huge mugs then you can put two in and ice and be set for awhile. Or I bet you could take those small 8 ounce bottles of water, pour a bit out, and freeze it. Those should fit into those big mugs and should keep it cold for a few drinks plus then you'll have a water to drink after you fill it up a few times.

I'll try to add a list on the Monday before the party of what liquor stores have what in plastic.


Boat Parking

All I can say is get there early.  In 2006 I think there was 44 boats or something when I woke up in the morning.  Thanks to everyone who saved us a spot as we came rolling in around 3 a.m. after Captain's Quarters.  I can't save spots except for our houseboats that we need for the generators and stuff.  Once again the Lake County Sheriff's Marine Division has been nice enough to request a no anchor channel through the sand bar for the day and buoys will be set out.  I'll post a map here as soon as we determine the exact placement of them but it will likely be a channel coming in from the main water with a perpendicular channel running through the center of the party.  2005 worked out pretty well with the long rows of boats.  Click here to see the picture.  Please be considerate and bring plenty of fenders along with a buoy or fender tied to your anchor to mark where someone is going to trip over it.  It's pretty much impossible to save spots for your friends that come late so tell them to get there early.


And here's a few party hints for those attending

1.) Either have your own boat, know somebody with a boat, or hope that you look really good in a bikini and can hitch a ride to the party.  Spots on the Pink Flamingo are reserved like always and usually go to the veterans of the party.

3.) Beads are a good thing.  A guy can never bring enough beads along.

4.) Suntan lotion is good.  Being in the water for the duration of the party can cause severe sunburn.  Your heads already going to hurt on Sunday, no use having a burnt back also.

5.) The party is not at the bar called the Sandbar.  It's on Lake Petite at a real sandbar that just happens to be waist deep.  Just enough to get the boats in yet still perfect for dancing and mingling.

6.) Gatorade is also another good thing.  Although it dilutes your alcohol system it may help you make it through both the party and the remainder of the night at Captain's Quarters.  Just because the band quits at 5:00 doesn't mean we have to.

7.) The buddy system helps in case you miss the boat after the party.  The Captains are not responsible for making sure that you are on the boat.  When the music stops the Pink Flamingo has to get the band back to land so they can get  to Captain's Quarters to play their Saturday night gig.  If you miss the boat it always helps to have a buddy to drink with and to help you find another ride back.


Stories and Pictures from the Party

1st Annual Party - 1992 - Lake Redstone, La Valle, Wisconsin

2nd Annual Party - 1993 - Lake Redstone, La Valle, Wisconsin

3rd Annual Party - 1994 - Lake Redstone, La Valle, Wisconsin

4th Annual Party - 1995 - Lake Redstone, La Valle, Wisconsin

(After the porta potti incident and boat accident we figured we better lay low for a year and hide from the authorities)

5th Annual Party - July 12,1997 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois

6th Annual Party - July 13, 1998 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois

7th Annual Party - July 24,1999 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois

8th Annual Party - July 15, 2000 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois

9th Annual Party - July 14, 2001 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Click Here for Pictures

10th Annual Party - July 13, 2002 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Click Here for Pictures

11th Annual Party - July 12, 2003 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Click Here for Pictures

12th Annual Party - July 17, 2004 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Click Here for Pictures

13th Annual Party - July 16, 2005 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Click Here for Pictures

14th Annual Party - July 15, 2006 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois

15th Annual Party - July 21, 2007 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Click Here for Pictures

July 26th, 2008 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Hosted by Fun on the Fox with the Swing Crew on the Pink Flamingo for the final year.

July ?, 2009 - Lake Petite, Fox Lake, Illinois - Hosted by Fun on the Fox with Modern Day Romeos on the Pink Flamingo.